Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The DNC Has Been Blocking Women's Progress

Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential candidacy is the most important feminist event of the United States in 2008 so far. Yet the DNC has been pressuring HRC to end her work to help America by becoming our president. As of this day there is no nominee. The only way to become a nominee before the convention is to get a majority (50% plus 1) of delegates provided that the delegates that make up the majority are all pledged delegates. This is because pledged delegates are bound to vote for their original candidate, while superdelegates can vote for anyone they want and can change their mind as often as they want, thus since the pledged delegate votes are virtually fixed if a candidate can win a majority of the delegate votes from pledged delegates then they are automatically the nominee. None of the Democratic candidates achieved that, therefore there is no nominee yet.

However, Democratic party elites have been trying to push HRC out of the contest for a long time. At the end of the primaries when HRC called for support from superdelegates the male dominated superdelegates overwhelmingly stated they were going to support a male candidate instead of her even though she won the popular vote.
Regretfully for the DNC they did not speak out against the non-stop and often vicious hate speech against women and girls during the primaries.
Also, the DNC is allowing HRC's primary competitor, Obama, to supervise the convention. And I read that they are planning to schedule the nomination voting on the third day of the convention after numerous people have already made speeches. How can speakers know what to say in their speeches if they don't even know who the nominee is? I assume the DNC intends to schedule people to make speeches supporting Obama for two days to pressure the superdelegates to vote for him. That is wrong.

Women are the most oppressed minority in the world in terms of numbers and degree of harm. Women have been subjugated by men for thousands of years. Finally, a woman was able to win the popular vote in the U.S. Democratic primary elections yet her political party has been trying to kick her out of the competition. She got more votes than her primary competitor who is a man and yet they are pressuring her to not compete with him at the nomination convention. Women deserve better than this. Women deserve equality.