Thursday, November 6, 2008

Presidential Cabinet Should Be 50% Women

I believe 50% of the top-level executives should be women because:

1) Women and girls are the most oppressed group in the world and so gender equality should be a top priority of any administration.
2) Women provide a lot of votes and so a president personally owes these jobs to women.
3) Studies show women are better leaders—by performance and results—than men, so based on evidence women will perform better than men which benefits our country.

Therefore, to ensure fairness, fulfill his personal debt to women voters, and for the benefit of the country the president is obligated to appoint women to 50% of the top jobs in the Executive Branch.

Some top-level jobs are more powerful than others, the VP job being the most powerful. Since the president-elect gave the VP job to a man, he is obligated to fill more of the top-level jobs with women to balance the power of women and men. It is sexist to give women mostly lower level jobs and men mostly upper level jobs. There’re thousands of qualified women for each top-level Executive job so it would be sexist to not give women 50% of the jobs. Also, women should be chosen based on their record because it’s unethical to choose someone without matching their qualifications to the office. For example, the Secretary of the Treasury should be someone with many years of economic experience such as an economics professor, someone who won the Nobel Prize in economics, someone with a solid record of success in the world of finance, etc.

Another point: the Democratic leadership has an enormous debt to pay HRC. Her presidency would have significantly decreased sexism but the DNC deliberately blocked women’s equality by blocking HRC’s path to the presidency. They twisted the rules to favor a man. For example, they selectively punished states that broke Rule 11.A to favor a man: states that heavily favored HRC were punished while states that had favored her competitor were given waivers even though all five states broke the same rule.

The DNC was virtually silent about the extreme sexist abuse hurled at HRC, her supporters and all women and girls ( And even when it appeared HRC would probably win the popular vote-which she did-they pressured her to drop out of the race to make way for a man. If the media and DNC had treated HRC as an equal to men, then it is probable that she would have been elected the first woman president. The Democratic leadership must pay back what they took away. Hillary Clinton must be publicly offered a very high position in the government. Of course, that will not compensate her for the presidency that they blocked her (women) from getting, but it is a step forward.

Women must have equality. A presidents sends the message they believe women are equal to men by appointing 50% women in top level jobs. That benefits the U.S.A. The top jobs are:

The 15 offices of the Cabinet:

Highly Important:
Secretary of State*
Secretary of Defense*
Secretary of the Treasury
Attorney General
* highest level

Very Important:
Secretary of Homeland Security

Secretary of the Interior
Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of Labor
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Secretary of Transportation
Secretary of Energy
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Veterans Affairs

The following cabinet-level jobs allow office holders to attend Cabinet meetings without being secretaries of executive departments:

Vice President of the United States*
White House Chief of Staff*
Director of the Office of Management and Budget*
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
Director of the National Drug Control Policy
United States Trade Representative
National Security Advisor (not necessarily part of Cabinet meetings)