Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Women and Girls are the Most Oppressed Group

Women's and girls' rights should be front and center. Women and girls are the most oppressed group in the world. The oppression of women and girls is a severe problem that should be regarded at least as serious as issues such as the economy and security.

In terms of numbers and degree of harm, women and girls are the most oppressed group. Other oppressed groups suffer little or not at all in most countries. But a UN-commissioned report found that women are discriminated against in almost every country around the world (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7331813.stm).

There are three billion women in the world and virtually all live in a society that treats them as inferior to men. Because there are so many women and girls, that creates a worse burden of oppression.

Women have much less political, economic and social power than men do. There are more than 180 countries yet very few of those countries have a woman leader. And sadly, the vast majority of politicians are men.

Men have much more power than women in almost every social realm such as the arts, sports, religion, education, media and law.

Economically, women’s status is abysmal. The UN reported that women own only 1% of the worlds wealth. The UN reports that women and girls are the fastest increasing group of impoverished. They call this "the global feminization of poverty"

During the U.S. 2008 election a brave woman tried to stop sexism. She is Hillary Clinton. She sought to shatter the glass ceiling that oppresses 51% of our population. Yet the DNC twisted the party rules to favor a man, pressured her to drop out to let a man win, and did not speak in her defense when she was constantly and viciously attacked with sexist hate speech (http://www.allseasonsgallery.info/hrc/hrc.sexism.html).

The media did virtually everything in their power to prevent a woman from breaking the presidential glass ceiling and when the DNC stopped this brave feminist from getting the nomination then within a few days the media began another war against women using hate speech to attack Sarah Palin who is seeking to break through the VP glass ceiling.

Today is a historic day when a woman is poised to break through one of the highest political glass ceilings. She is strong, brave, intelligent and ethical (http://journaloffeministinsight.blogspot.com/2008/11/gov-palin-has-been-underestimated.html). She has a record of fighting entrenched sexism to help the people. When the first woman vice president takes the oath of office it will be a giant step forward for womankind.